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Notch filter 88-108 MHz with BNC connectors with innovative design. It has the same design as your radio and you can always keep it mounted. This model designed and optimized for the receivers only allows to reduce the FM signals from 88 and 108MHz, containing to the minimum the losses at 78mhz and 120MHz. Low leakage up to 1.5 GHz. Amphenol connectors. ANTICORODAL aluminium structure.

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Innovative UHF coaxial UHF preamplifier for 70 cm bands. It works from 420 to 450 MHz with VOX circuit. 900MHz notch filter at the input (eliminates LTE frequencies at the input) You can use it with 100W. Coaxial relay on board. Perfect for EME, SAT, CONTEST and TROPO. Very low noise number (0.35 dB max with ON relay) It is possible to supply via coaxial cable.