Our pole preamplifiers for the HF, VHF and UHF frequencies are protected by a watertight ABS case that guarantees its preservation and quality over time.

Inside there is the preamplifier stage with a sophisticated VOX circuit that allows you to connect the preamplifier directly to the radio and go into transmission without risking damage to it. The input stage is fitted with a notch filter before the preamplifier stage set at 98MHz for the 6 and 2 meter preamplifiers and at 900MHz for the 70cm preamplifier.

They can be powered either by cable or by coaxial cable. Perfect for civil or amateur uses for EME applications, contests, meteor scatter and DX.

Available for 6 meters band (50 - 54MHz), 2 meters (144 - 146MHz and 137MHz) and 70cm (430 - 440MHz) or on customer requested frequencies.

Active filters