vhf air band pass band filter
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Professional pass band filter for VHF AIR BAND

Compact, light and small. Triple helical band pass filter for receive VHF air band.

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 Usage range :

Helical pass band filter for VHF air band

Excellent return LOSS

Input MAX 5W

Filter shielded with 3 helical resonators with ultra HI-Q

 Uniqueness :

All our filters are manually tuned for the minimal insertion loss at the center frequency.

Filter with 3 HI-Q helical resonators.


N Female 50 Ohm : High quality connectors

N Female 50 Ohm : High quality connectors

 Materials: :

Cylinder shape structure anticorodal (6000 alloy) aluminum.

Red colored anodization.

Laser fiber engraving.

 Technical features :

F0 = 126MHz  ± 16 MHz

I.L. F0 = 0,97dB

High quality connectors

5Watt input max

Reversible filter


S21 Notch 88-108MHz

As you can see from the chart above thanks to the manual calibration of the triple filter with propeller it is possible to have a good bandwidth and an excellent returl loss over the entire VHF air band.

Insertion loss pass band filter 120MHz air band

Insertion loss 0,97dB at center band.

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