Helical pass band filter for VHF
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Pass band filter for 144MHz - Ultra HI-Q filter

VHF Helical band pass Filter for 144 MHz (2 meters).Tunable on request to 130 up tp 170MHz. Thanks to the triple helix and a mechanical notch filter it is possible to attenuate FM broadcasting up to 120dB with an insertion loss < 0,40dB. Perfect for use EME, Satellite , contest but also for civilian application, radio bridges analog or digital or APRS and 137MHz NOAA satellite.

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 Field of Use::

144 MHz (2 meters band ). Tunable on request from 130 to 170MHz. VHF Band pass filter. Fully made from aluminium with Anticorodal 6060 alloy.

Allows the perfect reception of the band of 2 meters from 144 to 146 MHz with a low loss of insertion (typically <0,40dB)

Completely eliminates FM broadcasting from 88 to 108MHz thanks to an attenuation of over 120dB

Perfect for:
     - Eliminate intermodulation problems on radio systems operating in the 2-metre band
     - Civilian application to 130 up to 170MHz ( tuned on request )
     - EME, Dx, Contest and Satellite 
     - Radio Amateur Bridges
     - Possibility of calibration of the filter also in civil field from 130 to 170MHz


Springs made of silver-plated 3mm copper

Filter obtained from the full aluminium with 3 axes milling cutter

Light and compact so it can be installed anywhere.

 Connectors :

N female Amphenol®

N female Amphenol®

 Materials :

Springs made of silver-plated 3mm copper

Anticorodal 6060 Aluminium Filter

Stainless Steel Screws

 Specifications :

Typical insertion loss : <0,40dB

Attenuations at 98MHz : 90dB

Maximum power applicable : 200W

Max Power Input
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