Company profile

JG HITECHNOLOGY S.r.l. was founded just a few miles from where Guglielmo Marconi launched the first radio signal in history. We design, manufacture and sell electronic filters and circuits for professional and amateur radio frequency applications. As well as the models found in our catalogue and in our ONLINE SHOP, we can also create customised filters and circuits for our customers, taking care of the design from the idea to the finished product. Our filters are produced using different processes and require the collaboration of various mechanics and electronics companies.


Progettazione Elettronica

We design analog and digital electronic circuit boards mainly for the telecommunications sector. We are experts in producing radiofrequency filters and applications. We produce custom filters from 1 MHz to 10 GHz for the amateur radio market, the civil and military sectors. On specific request, we have produced custom transverters, converters, RF preamplifiers, receiver systems, transmitter systems, beacons and digital electronic applications using microprocessors by Microchip, ARM, Texas Instrument or similar.


Programmazione microcontrollori PIC e ARM

Microcontroller programming and design of digital control parts with the support of the main communication buses, I2C, CAN, RS232, SPI, Ethernet and Bluetooth etc. Graphic display interfacing with graphic and touchscreen control, ADC and/or DAC data acquisition. Development of controllers with the interfacing of 2 or more processors, graphic bus controllers, such as the FTDI FT800 range with advanced graphic control.



Our aim is to accompany the customer from the idea to the end product. As well as electronics and firmware programming, we can also support our customers in the mechanical design of supports and containers for professional electronics and shielding systems for the telecommunications sector, such as filters, shortwave to microwave transceiver systems specially designed for any outdoor or indoor use. Thanks to the use of advanced software, we perform photorealistic 3D rendering and 3D animation. We can also calculate and create dissipative systems and thanks to our professional thermographic cameras, such as the FLUKE Ti300, we can then monitor dissipation and test the design.


Prototipazione rapida

We perform rapid prototyping using high-resolution SLA printers with 0.025 mm layer thickness. We can print structural parts for mechanical tests in rubber or clear resin. We have the equipment to manage prototype postprocessing and deliver a perfectly finished polished or painted product (according to customer specifications). Our vast experience in the field of precision mechanics, in particular applied to the telecommunications, means we can design and prototype components, such as supports, containers and accessories, or end products upon specific customer order. We can produce metal components in steel, aluminium and brass, or plastic products using the most innovative technopolymers chosen specifically for each individual application. Finally, we can complete the prototype with finishes, such as anodizing or painting.