Outdoor 144 - 146MHz VHF preamplifier with 100W VOX circuit

Outdoor 144 - 146MHz VHF preamplifier with 100W VOX circuit

VHF Preamplifier for 144MHz band (2 meters) with integrated VOX circuit, bias tee and coaxial relay on board able to work without any external accessory up to 100W. Perfect for satellite use, contest, right and eme. 88-108 MHz notch filter in input. Low noise figure. Circuit designed with components of the latest generations.

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 Immagini :

preamplificatore vhf 144 MHz Latest generation E-pHEMTThe preamplification module uses the latest technology on the market today offering very low noise characteristics and unmatched robustness.

UHF 430MHz preamplifier Low noise figure preamplifier with notch filter input for LTE frequencies. Unique in the world.

rele coassiale preamplificatore 50 MHz True miniaturized coaxial relaysThe relays used in all our preamps are coaxial and non-traditional. In our circuits AXICOM HF-3-56 are used which allow an isolation between the ports of over 80dB, an insertion loss of only 0.03dB and an excellent return loss.
filtro notch ingresso preamplificatoriInput notch filterOur pole and coaxial preamps for 50 MHz are the only ones on the market to have a 88-108MHz notch filter. This solution helps to amplify only the signals and not overloading the radio frontend.
Support Bias TeeAll our preamps are also powered by coaxial cable. A bias tee must be purchased.
Output band pass filterEach preamplifier has a band-pass filter at its output to further help the front end of your radio not intermodular.

 Field of use :

Preamplifier with integrated VOX circuit, coaxile relays and bias tee on board. It can work up to 100W and performs TX to RX switching automatically.

Ultra Low Noise INNOVATIVE Preamplifier available for the 2 meter band. Low noise figure (type 0.35dB with coaxial relay active).

Thanks to the notch filter present at the input it is possible to attenuate the broadcasting from 88 to 108MHz ..

It can be powered, as well as by the passing capacitor, also through BIAS TEE with a voltage of 9 to 15V and a maximum absorption current of 130mA .


Coaxial relays on board up to 100W of transit


Supply via Bias tees with voltage from 9 to 15V

Ultra low noise at 144MHz ( typ. 0,35dB )

Output pass band filter

Tunable input 88 -108 MHz notch filter

 Connectors :

High quality connectors. 

50 Ohm input/output with N female

Supply : Bias tee or via SO239


Tin box with clamping brackets with mast up to 60mm ..

ABS casing

  Technical Features :

Power supply: 9-13.8V

Current: 137mA

Max Input power : 100W

Minimum relay switching power : 500mW

Impendance: 50Ohm

Gain: +24dB

OIP3 : +29dBm

Noise figure: circa 0,25dB


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