Preamplifier for noaa satellites, m2, and meteor VHF 137MHz
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Preamp pole-NOAA METEOR 137MHz

The preamplifier pole-pond designed for the reception of the satellites APT with NOAA and METEOR VHF in the range of frequencies from 137 to 138MHz. The preamplifier is equipped with band-pass filter with high Q in the input is followed by a stage of the new generation of amplification at low noise figure. The gain of the preamp is 20dB, and there is a relay by-pass to bypass the preamp. And you can feed it via coaxial cable ( must be a bias tee ) or externally through an RCA connector. It is protected from electrostatic discharge, reverse polarity protection and supply disturbances.

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Field of use :

Preamplifier with band pass filter high Q exclusively designed for the reception of the satellites NOAA and METEOR VHF 137 to 138MHz.

Thanks to its led status outside it is possible to verify during the installation that the power supply voltage comes without problems

You will be able to connect your antenna QFH, TURNSTILE or VERTICAL directly to the preamp, and install it under it, thanks to its ABS container pond.

The support can be installed on pipes with a maximum diameter of 60mm.

Uniqueness :

Band pass filter high Q input is set at the center band 137.5 MHz

Bypass relay

Good attenuation in the FM band 88 - 108MHz for the elimination of frequencies broadcasting

Connectors :

High quality connectors.

Input and output 50 Ohm : N female or PL

Power supply : coaxial Cable or via RCA connector

Materials :

Box in ABS and tin with clamps for clamping to poles with mast up to 60 mm..

Technical features :

Supply voltage : 9-13.8 VDC

Current : 130mA

Impedance : 50Ohm

Gain : +20dB

OIP3 : +28dBm

Noise Floor : approximately 2.3 dB

Data sheet

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