Low pass filter 0-54MHz - 100W
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Low pass filter 0-54MHz - 100W

Low pass filter 100W

Create for all HF radio, SDR RTX and receivers. Eliminate the broadcasting FM problem in HF and 6 meters frequency

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It’s great to reach a clean signal from FM stations, broadcasts or whatever on modern equipments as IC7300. This filter is fully designed and manufactured in our company in Calderara di Reno (BO). Elliptical filter with 7 cells, low pass 0-54MHz. Brass cells separator manufactured especially for this filter. Each cell shielding allows great performances as the possibility to transmit up to 54 MHz and to have at the same time a strong attenuation at 88 MHz of over 50 dB. It also allows to cancel FM residuals through all the HF spectrum up to 54 MHz..

 Usage range :

Low pass filter with female/female SO239 connector. You can connect the filter directly between radio and antenna and use it in power with 100 watt. It’s ideal to break down FM residuals on HF frequencies for last generation radios like ICOM 7300 and similar. Low drop in reception up to 54 MHz.

Filtro passa basso HF da 0 a 54MHz Graph of our low pass filter usable up to 54MHz. Strong attenuation out of band. Perfect impedance matching from 0 to 54MHz.

 Uniqueness :

Brass cells separator has been designed especially for this filter.

over 50 dB of attenuation at 88 MHz.

You can transmit up to 54 MHz with 100 W.


SO239 female

SO239 female

 Materials: :

Cylinder shape structure anticorodal (6000 alloy) aluminum made.

Red colored anodization.

Laser fiber engraving.

 Technical features :

Connectors SO239

Ceramic capacitors HI-Q RF 250V

108 gr.
Max Power Input
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