Notch filter BNC 88-108 MHz RTX up to 10W

Notch filter BNC 88-108 MHz RTX up to 10W

Notch BNC 88-108 MHz filter with innovative design. It has the same design as your radio. This model is designed and optimized for transmitters. You can use it without ever unmounting it up to 10W. Low loss of up to 1.5 GHz. Optimized for radio bands transmission.

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 Field of Use :

Notch high Q filter with BNC connectors. It allows the reduction of broadcasting frequencies from 88 to 108MHz. This version designed to be matched only to receivers, scanners or SDR allows low-loss reception of frequencies adjacent to the FM band such as the civil band at 78mhz and the 120MHz aerial. The Amphenol connectors, compared to most of the connectors in circulation, allow a strong anchorage between radio and antenna ensuring that the antenna does not turn, with its weight, on itself.

It can also be used in the RX part on radio amateur and civilian bridges both in voice and in digital APRS including.

Ideal for listening HF, 50 and 70mhz, Airband, NOAA, VHF, DAB, UHF, ADS-B etc...

 Uniqueness :

All notch filters of our production are calibrated one by one in order to have the maximum attenuation exactly at 88,98 and 108 MHz with a maximum error of 3%.

High Q inductors designed for our filters


BNC male 50 Ohm : Amphenol

BNC Female 50 Ohm : Amphenol


Structure of cylindrical shape made of anticorodal aluminium alloy 6000.

Anodic anodizing Black Color

Fiber laser Engraving

 Specifications :

Attenuation at 88, 98 and 108 MHz => a 60dB

Amphenol BNC Connectors

HI-Q inductors

HI-Q RF 250v Ceramic Capacitors

Reversible filter


S21 Notch 88-108MHz

As you can see from the chart above thanks to manual calibration you can adjust the deep exactly to 88, 98 and 108 MHz and not as happens on the filters of all the competition where the filter responses is different from each other because there is no possibility of calibration.

S21 Notch 88-108MHz

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Fabio IZ4UFQ
Ottimo prodotto a un costo contenuto
Per qualsiasi ricevitore SDR, per scanner palmari, ma anche per RTX cinesi da 4 soldi, un filtro come questo viene sempre utile, soprattutto se vogliamo collegarli ad una antenna esterna e non al gommino di serie. Filtrare via l' FM (ma temo che presto dovremo fare i conti anche con il DAB) è l'unico modo per non assordare totalmente gli apparati molto economici oppure quelli che per definizione devono avere una larghezza di banda enorme in ingresso. Il filtro che possiedo io è uno dei primissimi modelli, quelli nuovi dovrebbero essere ancora migliori.