88108M Hz SMA connector notch filter
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Professional SMA 88-108MHz notch filter

SMA notch filter 88-108 MHz from the innovative design. This new professional model is studied and optimized both in order to function in reception and in transmission up to 30W. It is able to attenuate the signals on the VHF FM broadcasting frequencies from 88 to 108MHz up to 90dB by minimizing loss at bandwidth margins such as at 78MHz and 120MHz (civil and airport frequency). Low insertion loss up to 3 GHz. Great return loss. Amphenol connectors. Structure in antiorodal aluminum. Meets or exceeds the MIL-DTL-81706B and MIL-DTL-5541F regulations for corrosion on unvarnished metal.

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Thanks to using a notch filter capable of eliminating the signals of broadcasters broadcasting in FM from 88 to 108MHz you can return to give life to your receiver or receiver.

Cause the intensification of FM radio stations operating from 88 to 108MHz and from the high powers at play, even if you divert several KMs from your own post, it is possible that the signal received from your external antenna or from your rubber antenna will have difficulty the receiving stage of your radio causing the problem of desensitization and as a result the impossibility of receive any signals mainly on frequencies adjacent to FM commercial broadcasters such as the 120MHz or civil aircraft band at 78MHz.

Coaxial notch filters produced by JG are of high mechanical and electrical quality with antique aluminum body and anodizing treatment that satisfies or exceeds MIL-DTL-81706B and MIL-DTL-5541F regulations for corrosion on the unvarnished metal.

Thanks to the use of low tolerance and high quality electronic components all of our notch filters are calibrated to have the maximum attenuation exactly from 88 to 108MHz.

We treated the design in the particular lows so as to make the installation easy and easy without the use of coaxial adapters.

The cylindrical shape is important in order to give the aesthetic continuity between radio, cable and antenna. The support is in the process of "patent pending".

The JG's new electric blue anodization identifies the product as PROFESSIONAL and therefore suitable for civilian and military uses.

Difference from the previous model :

Treatment of standard metal MIL-DTL-81706B and MIL-DTL-5541F. It guarantees a corrosion resistance for decades even in the marine environment.

Now the same product can be used both in reception and in transmission up to 30W.

Perdita of 98MHz-enhanced insertion of more than 40dB compared to the previous one. Attenuation to 98MHz : ca. 90dB.

Great retun loss : Perfect adjustment of impedance up to 3 GHz.

Extended operating gamam up to 3 GHz (compared to 1.5GHz of the previous model).

This image represents all of the 88-to-108MHz band without any notch filter installed.

Filtro notch senza filtro 88 108 MHz BNC

This image represents all bandwidth 88 to 108MHz with the filter installed.

Filtro notch with 88108M Hz BNC filter

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