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We design analogue and digital electronic boards with a prevalence in the telecommunications sector. We are experts in making filters and applications for radio frequencies. We create custom filters from 1 MHz to 10GHz for the amateur radio market, the civil and military sector. At the express request of the customer we have created transverters, converters, RF preamplifiers, receiving systems, transmitting systems, beacons and digital electronics applications using microprocessor systems from the Microchip, ARM, Texas Instrument or similar families. .




Programming of microcontrollers and design of the digital control part with support of the main communication buses I2C, CAN, RS232, SPI, Ethernet and Blutooth etc… Interfacing with graphic displays with graphic and touch screen management, ADC and/or DAC readings. Development of control systems with interfacing of 2 or more processors, graphic bus control such as the FTDI FT800 family with advanced graphics management.




With the aim of following the customer from the idea to the final product, in addition to electronics and firmware programming, we are also able to assist the customer in the mechanical design phase of supports and containers for professional electronics and shielding systems for use in the sector of telecommunications such as filters, transceiver systems from short waves to microwaves specifically designed for any use both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to the use of advanced software we perform photorealistic three-dimensional renderings and 3D animations. We can also calculate and create dissipating systems and thanks to the use of our professional thermal imaging cameras such as the FLUKE Ti300 we can monitor dissipation and test the project.

Rapid prototyping

& Analyses

We perform rapid prototyping with high precision SLA printers with 0.025mm layer thickness. We can print in structural materials for mechanical tests, rubber or transparent resin. We are equipped to manage the postprocessing of the prototypes and therefore provide an aesthetically well-finished product through polishing or painting (as per customer specifications). Thanks to our experience in the field of precision mechanics, in particular applied to the telecommunications sector, we are able to design and prototype components such as supports, containers and accessories or complete products on specific customer orders. We can make metal components in steel, aluminum and brass, or in plastic using the most innovative and specific technopolymers for each individual application. Finally, we can complete the prototypes with aesthetic coatings such as anodizing or painting or with coatings dedicated to radiofrequency such as silvering, gold plating or chromic passivation.

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